All LIVES are made better by adding CUSTOM CAR ART...

Now, we're not talking WALL ART, but actual CARS. The seed of CUSTOM CAR ART that inspires us all...

People don't change because we SHAME them, or make them WRONG or CRITICIZE them. People change when they are INSPIRED to change. Doing something that will EXPAND or ENHANCE their lives. And this is where CAR CULTURE is at it's best. Even if you don't like cars, seeing a VEHICLE as CUSTOM CAR ART is something you've never seen before... and it puts the MIND in DISCOVERY MODE.

This is what I love to do most. CREATE ART through CARS that inspires THE mind TO WANT MORE... as in a better experience. And this is what art does. It opens the mind to possibilities that did not exist previously. It unlocks an aspect of the mind that is connected to an unfathomable depth which brings an ever existing stream of MORE LIFE.

When I draw Custom Car Art, my mind asks "Have people ever seen this before?" "What would happen if I took what has been accepted and turned it on it's ear to reveal something NEW?" And this should be every artist's mission. To tap the endless well of unique ideas, kicking aside the stones of stagnation and repetition to reveal a bottomless pit of COOL.

Are you doing this? It's easy to tell. Just ask yourself if you're being fulfilled? Are you getting up at 4am and can't wait to get to it? Are you busting out ideas at such a pace that it feels like your mind is ON FIRE. 'Cause mine is... ALL.. DAY.. LONG.

It's about the GIVE. Generating something new is about your mission to inspire more in people. To give them HOPE, FAITH and JOY from ART. So get off your ass and get busy with it... and it doesn't matter if it's a CAR, SALAD, BURGER or BUSINESS PLAN. Is it YOUR BEST??

If you're not creating like a motherfucker, then you're wasting time. If there isn't a blazing inferno inside you that is dying to be SET FREE... then you have some serious work to do.

Today, we celebrate that concept with CAPTAIN OCTOROD and a few others outta the FIREBALL UNIVERSITY - Skool of Cool. SEARCH them out IN THE GARAGE and them get busy kickin' the ass of the day. You'll be glad you did, because the day needs to have his ass handed to him so he knows who's boss. YOU. Stop fuckin' around and GET SHIT DONE.

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