Batman and Robin Batmobile 1966 Concept Art by Fireball Tim

BATMAN and ROBIN target EVIL VILLAIN TEAM UP for Purple Haze

To celebrate TONS of NEW 1966 BATMOBILE ART... Batman and Robin take on THE PURPLE HAZE...

The year was 1966 and Gotham's famed crime-fighting duo, BATMAN AND ROBIN found themselves on a special mission in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. The Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder had received intel from Commissioner Gordon about a diabolical plot concocted by none other than Gotham's notorious quartet of villains: The Penguin, The Joker, Catwoman, and The Riddler. And they called it THE PURPLE HAZE...

The dastardly plan involved a secret atomic dye agent that, once introduced into LA's water supply, would turn every citizen purple. The villains intended this not only as a bizarre spectacle but also as a means to destabilize the city, knowing chaos would follow such an unusual and alarming event.

Batman and Robin, armed with their wits and an array of Bat-gadgets, quickly mobilized. Racing through the night streets of LA in the iconic BATMOBILE, they formulated a counter-plan: an antidote spray capable of neutralizing the atomic dye agent before it could spread beyond control. But it had to be done quick as it was UNSTABLE.

Meanwhile, high above the city, the villains cackled in their hidden lair, confident in their impending victory. The Penguin oversaw the deployment of the atomic dye agent, while The Joker and Catwoman reveled in the chaos unfolding below. The Riddler, true to his nature, delighted in leaving clues that only the keen mind of Batman could decipher.

As the tainted water began to flow through the city's pipes and faces became purplized, turning faucets and fountains purple also, panic spread among the populace. But just as the villains gloated over their imminent triumph, the Bat-signal pierced the night sky. Batman and Robin swooped in, spraying their antidote from the Batmobile with precision and speed, but not without accidentally starting to turn purple THEMSELVES!

The dynamic duo faced off against their foes in a spectacular rooftop showdown, where punches were thrown, gadgets deployed, and riddles unraveled. KAPOW!! With the villains distracted, Batman managed to disable the device that controlled the atomic dye agent, while Robin apprehended The Riddler with a cleverly timed Batarang launch.

In the end, the citizens of Los Angeles were saved from a colorful fate thanks to Batman and Robin's quick thinking and heroic efforts. The villains, defeated and deflated, were carted off to the awaiting police, as the Batmobile sped off into the night, leaving behind a city grateful for their masked protectors. That is... until they realize that the PURPLE DYE was only the beginning...

Batman and Robin Batmobile 1966 Concept Art by Fireball Tim

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