ATeam Custom Car Art at the Fireball Tim Garage

BONUS SKETCHES! Concept, Vettes on the Moon and ART TALK!

Whenever I get a a chance to develop ideas, I draw. It was something my mentor SYD MEAD told me many years ago. Drawing (or anything creative) puts you in the PRESENT MOMENT. And this is the ONLY place where ideas are created and solved. But not just creative actions… as SPORTS can do this too… if “your head is in the game,” as they say.

FIRST SKETCH up is a concept unibox with tweeked proportions. Toy-like, but it adds personality without making it look TOO MUCH like a toy. This could be a background car in a film, slightly intimating if brutalized a bit. Might have to explore this more…

SECOND is a sketch from my original VETTE Coloring Book on B&N here. Had some fun with controversial conspiracy theories. Is there a VETTE on the Moon? Ask MUSK. He’ll know. And spot any Easter Eggs?

Did you miss today’s Podcast ART TALK LIVE?? I go into solving the answer as to why SUCCESS creates MORE SUCCESS. Catch it here!

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