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BONUS SKETCHES!! James Bond Porsche, ZZ Top and PINK MOKE!

I’ve worked on a lot of films over the years. And as cool as that may be, some of them never made it to the Silver Screen. Case in point… “SPY JINX.”

SPY JINX was an amazing concept and a great script. Basically, JAMES BOND meets LOONEY TUNES. Everything was shot in the real world, except for the Looney Tunes characters, and it was a Spy Thriller! Kinda… My job was to design the vehicles and I had a blast doing it over several months. Unfortunately, the plug was pulled and SPY JINX became SPY JAM. Same thing, but with a Basketball theme. Wait, what??

And that’s when things started to go south. Turned out that the studio wanted to do something with Shaq. THEN… they pulled the plug on that one and the movie became it’s final rendition, “LOONEY TUNES BACK IN ACTION.” And… it tanked. (Should stuck with the cars, folks.)

Today’s SKETCH was one of the original SPY CARS. A PORSCHE that folded, tweaked, turned and squeezed into all sorts of things. An extreme Bond Car that woulda been awesome. But noooooo…. All we got was this silly Fireball SKETCH. Oh well, lets move on…

SKETCH TWO I did for the Official WRENCH NATION Coloring Book! Billy Gibbons from ZZTOP and his CadZILLA. I think I really need to whipsnap some color on this one!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Also, here’s me and singer JENNIFER MESSINA in Malibu with a PINK MOKE! Check out Jenn’s amazing work on her IG and her ROLLS ROYCE in the Fireball Garage!

THINK AWESOME… and your week will be SO! See you on ART TALK LIVE tomorrow at 8am(pst)

DID YOU KNOW?? The henchman that Sean Connery fights during the YOLT break-in is Peter Maivia, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson’s grandfather!

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