Gene Winfield Coloring

Even at 96, Car Builder GENE WINFIELD still likes to COLOR

A few years ago, Fireball did the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book as part of his extensive Collection of Automotive Books (All at Barnes & Noble HERE), and as cool as they are, they become cooler as kids of all ages COLOR THEM! And this includes Master Car Builder, GENE WINFIELD. Even is the ripe old age of 96!

Gene was born on June 16th 1927, so join us in a couple weeks as we celebrate his 97th Birthday! In fact, if you color one of his pages and shoot it to Fireball, you could WIN something cool outta the Garage! In fact, you'll get to PICK IT YOURSELF!

Famous for so many cars, Gene and Fireball (along with Daryl Starbird) designed and built the INSANE 54 from MONSTER GARAGE together as episode 86. Did you see it?? But Gene's master skill over the years has been perfected to an art and he'll go down in history as one of the greatest builders of all time. For that... and for COLORING. ;-)

Gene Winfield ColoringFireball Tim Insane 54 for Monster GarageGene Winfield Coloring Book at Barnes and Noble

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