Shelby Forrd Mustang GT500 Custom Car Art available online in the Fireball Tim Garage

Fireball breaks free FOUR new FORD CANVAS CAR ART SKETCHES

I’m very grateful to be able to do a lot of commissions for people and their CARS. And we LOVE our cars. So today… I wanted to bust out some FORDS that have come through the Fireball Circuit and visualize doing more. Every time I go to an All-Ford Show, I see a tremendous amount of passion. So here’s 4 all-new CAR ART PRINTS!

Although Ford Guys and Gals love to razz CHEVY & MOPAR, the truth is that we (as CAR PEOPLE), respect all who love cars and it’s the one place where no one cares what you look like, what your religious beliefs are or what you had for Breakfast. The GREAT RULE is to treat people how you want to be treated. GIVE KINDNESS… GET KINDNESS. And show us pictures of your GrandKids!

I firmly believe that if you got the Taliban to go to a CAR SHOW, they’d stop thinking about killing people and start smiling more and making better lives. The GAME IS WON when we all CHOOSE JOY over trying to always be RIGHT. And that’s what CAR PEOPLE do. Making conscious choices about how you can have a better life… BRINGS A BETTER LIFE. Respect to FORD… and ALL CAR peeps.

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DID YOU KNOW?? The only car that Jim Morrison, (Legendary Doors Singer) ever owned was a 1967 FORD MUSTANG Shelby GT 500!
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