Fireball makes good on a TONY DOW PLYMOUTH FURY WISH...

Many of you know that TONY DOW was one of my best friends. I miss him. But in some of thousands of conversations over the years, it was clear that Tony was a CAR GUY as his stories ranged from his first CORVAIR that he had in High School to the PLYMOUTHS on his show, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER. And although the show featured many cars including the four-dor BELVEDERE, Tony expressed his desire to producers to have this car... the 1960 PLYMOUTH FURY COUPE in Aqua Blue. For the majority of its run, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER was a Chrysler-sponsored show and Ward generally drove the Plymouth Fury four-door sedan, but not the coupe and since the show was Black and White... Color didn't matter so much.

Although the Producers never made good on his request for the Fury Coupe, Tony's favorite Plymouth stuck in my mind for years as we went to Car Shows... so...

Today I make good on Tony's favorite car with a Fireball SKETCH! The 1960 PLYMOUTH FURY COUPE was a stellar design. It's 310hp SonoRamic-powered pointed toward the future and solidified a streamlined Jet Age coming to fruition. The Plymouths were designed under the direction of Virgil M. Exner, who was in his final days leading the Chrysler design department and it was an exciting time for them.

LEAVE IT TO BEAVER was mid-season in their run (1957-1963) and at it's height when this '60 Chrysler appeared and Tony wanted it. But Plymouth had already given them multiple cars and the Coupe never made it into Tony's hands. If it did, he would have kept it and it may have stayed in his garage for years. But instead, his Corvair came back to him after 50 years and we restored that.

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PlymouthFuryLITB_2CustomCarArt PlymouthFuryLITB_2CustomCarArt

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