Ememrgency TV Show Squad 51 Custom Car Art

Fireball’s epic TOP SELLERS are FAN FAVORITES of the WEEK!

A HUGE THANK YOU to those that snagged these CUSTOM CAR ART images in the Garage on MUGS, CANVAS’ & SHIRTS this week! Pretty clear that you guys love CLASSIC TV & FILM, so I’ll be doing a lot more images in ’24! WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE? What shows NEEDS TO BE DONE?? And as always, Commissions are OPEN if you want a special GIFT for someone who LOVES CARS & CLASSIC CINEMA!

It’s a neck n’ neck race with some of the other SKETCHES too, including my TV POP CULTURE Series. Check ’em out and tell me what’s missing! NEW ART coming this week!!

DID YOU KNOW?? Nate “Happy” Derman played wolf-boy Eddie Munster in the pilot, but his growling, clawing characterization was a little too lycanthropic for the network’s taste. He was replaced by my friend Butch Patrick, who played Eddie more like a pointy-eared version of Tony Dow’s Beaver Cleaver!

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