Lost In Space Jupiter 2 Spaceship Art


Today… the JUPITER 2 arrives in the Fireball Garage! A super fun SKETCH that’s been requested for about a year now, off the cuff of the other cool LOST IN SPACE Sketches currently in the Garage!

What an amazing original series and a very cool NEW SERIES, LOST IN SPACE was unlimited conceptually and inspired by Star Trek, sending a family out into the deepest reaches of the infinite void. Who wouldn’t want to do that? (**Bring Chocolate)

But one of my favorite shows as a kid, Lost in Space: The Original Series was created in the 1960s as a science fiction television series. Its storyline and the design of the Jupiter 2 spacecraft were products of the creative vision of the show’s producers and writers. While the show may not align with modern scientific understanding, it was a product of its time and aimed to entertain audiences with its adventurous and imaginative storytelling.

And today, we celebrate GETTING LOST! (Which is always fun in a car, btw…) as NEW ADVENTURES await! Check out the all new GALLERY CANVAS PRINTS, SHIRTS and more in the Garage. 10% as always, GOES TO DOG RESCUES!!

DID YOU KNOW?? At the time, the interior of the Jupiter 2 Spaceship was the most expensive set for a TV show at the time, coming in at around $350,000!! But the rising costs were the main reasons for the show’s cancellation. Bummer, dude. The show ran for 83 episodes over three seasons. The first season comprised 29 episodes that ran 1 hour apiece, filmed in black and white. In seasons 2 and 3, the episodes were 54 minutes long and shot in color!

Lost In Space Jupiter 2 Spaceship Art
Lost In Space Jupiter 2 Spaceship Art
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