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Fireball SKETCHES awesome iconic SUPERBIRD Car Art…

BIG CARS. BIG CANVAS. Always loved the Road Runner, being inspired by a Cartoon. But this SUPERBIRD Car Art was even bigger and became a RACING LEGEND. This car was so big that it could be in two States at once! I remember as a kid, walking the full length of this car (and many others), counting my steps to see what was the biggest. Turns out that my Batmobile was, but as far as Muscle Cars, the SUPERBIRD was a beast.
Today, we celebrate BIG and MUSCLE with this iconic car in LIMELIGHT GREEN. A good Spectraflame potential, but not chrome. Just SUPER GREEN. What other Colors did this MegaCar come in?? Head on into the Garage for its MUG, SHIRTS and new LARGER Canvas Print! Get yer GREEN on, baby!!
DID YOU KNOW?? The Superbird was produced in limited numbers to meet the homologation requirements for NASCAR racing. Only around 1,935 units were built, so the existing units are relatively rare and expensive. Original cost was about $4900… but now they’ll hit north of $1.5MILLION! Fine… I’ll take two, please.

Visit the FIREBALL TIM GARAGE GARAGE for super cool CAR MUGS, CANVAS PRINTS, SHIRTS and MORE that celebrate the intersection of Custom Cars and Cinematic History!!

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