Robot from Lost in Space Custom Car Art

Hollywood ROBOTS and SPACESHIPS invade Fireball’s Garage…

As many of you know, I’m a Concept Artist in the film industry… when there’s no STRIKES happening! But when there is, I’m in the Garage trying to create cool stuff for you guys. My job in Hollywood is to design CARS, WEAPONS & WORLDS… and many time, ROBOTS & SPACESHIPS! Been doing this for 40 years. But why let Tinseltown get all that cool stuff?

Thus… welcome to the FIREBALL TIM GARAGE where you’ll find HUNDREDS of CARS and MOVIE coolness on Mugs, Prints, Shirts and SO MUCH MORE that it’ll make you Robot Head spin! And today, we celebrate GOOD AND EVIL Robots and Flying CRAFTS of all sorts. I’ll be doing many more of these in ’24 as there have been so many great ones created over the years. What’s YOUR FAVORITE? Do you see it here? If not, LEAVE A COMMENT and maybe I’ll do it up! As always, I’m up for Commissions as well.

DID YOU KNOW?? The JETSONS took place in 2062, exactly 100 years ahead of the show premiere in 1962! As hard as it is to believe, but The Jetsons only originally ran for 24 episodes, from 1962–63. If you grew up watching reruns over the next couple of decades, you were seeing the same stuff recycled again and again. (The cartoon was revived for 51 more episodes in 1985.) The cancellation could have been attributed to the lack of color TV sets — the future just wasn’t as spectacular in black & white — but likely had more to do with competition. The show was up against Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and Dennis the Menace, fighting for the same Sunday family demographic. Also… ASTRO had the same voice as SCOOBY-DOO. It was on The Jetsons that Don Messick “Rerfected Ris Roice Rith Rall the R’s. Scooby would not come along until 1969.

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