Cadillac Custom Car Art

Nothing brings a truly BETTER LIFE than CLASSIC COOL CARS…

ALL NEW FIREBALL SKETCH is coming tomorrow, but for now… it’s clear to all of us that if you want to improve your life… you need to get into CLASSIC COOL. But that can mean different things to different people. So…

Whether it’s CLOTHING, FOOD, TRAVEL or CARS, CLASSIC COOL is about “feeling.” How does it feel to infuse things into your life that make you feel good? And FEELING GOOD about LIFE is the secret to a GOOD LIFE. (And you know that others who constantly complain… get MORE to complain about.)

So today, we celebrate CLASSIC COOL with these Hot Fireball Classics for YOUR GARAGE, SHOP, KITCHEN or whatever! The infamous GTO, MOPAR SUPERBIRD, CLASSIC LINCOLN or ’59 CADDY! The Caddy now comes as a GARAGE CLOCK too! There are many more in the Garage so pick your favorite! And if you don’t see what you like, Commission Fireball to DO IT UP!

DID YOU KNOW?? 1959 was a record breaker! All Cadillacs were a mighty 225 inches long (longer yet on the Seventy-Five limousine and nine-passenger sedan), with a 130 inch wheelbase. The Series 62, now more commonly referred to as the 6200, remained the least-expensive Cadillac. It was $4,200 bucks and weigh in at a whopping 4700+ pounds! It was one of the most fascinating car designs of the 1950’s and were designed under the direction of the late Bill Mitchell, Chuck Jordan and Dave Holls.

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