The History of George Barris' BLOODY MUNSTERS DRAGULA...

In the pantheon of iconic TV vehicles, few are as instantly recognizable and beloved as the Munster Koach and its sinister sibling, the DRAGULA. Designed for the classic 1960s television show "The Munsters," Dragula was a ghoulishly inspired creation that perfectly complemented the eerie yet endearing family of monsters. And we've got all new stuff IN THE GARAGE!

Designed by legendary builder and friend George Barris, Dragula was envisioned as a hot rod for the afterlife. Its design drew heavily from the coffin shape, featuring a fiberglass body molded to resemble a classic coffin, complete with ornate trimmings and a gothic aesthetic that oozed macabre charm. The car's front end was adorned with a striking spider-web grille, while the rear featured a decorative lantern and a pair of menacing zoomie pipes that jutted out like demonic horns.

Constructed in a remarkably short span of only three weeks, Dragula was completed just in time for its debut in "The Munsters" episode titled "Hot Rod Herman," which aired in 1965. The year I was BORN. The rapid build was matched by a modest budget, reportedly costing around $18,000 at the time—a testament to Uncle George's ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Despite its brief build time and relatively low cost, Dragula became an instant hit with audiences. Its appearances on "The Munsters" were limited but memorable, making a lasting impression with fans who appreciated its quirky yet sinister design. Dragula's unique blend of horror and hot rod culture encapsulated the show's playful approach to parodying classic horror tropes while adding a touch of humor and style.

Throughout its on-screen career, Dragula made occasional appearances in subsequent episodes and later adaptations of "The Munsters," solidifying its status as an enduring symbol of the show's legacy. Its influence extended beyond television, inspiring countless replicas and tributes in the car customizing community and becoming a sought-after collectible for enthusiasts of both classic cars and pop culture.

Today, Dragula remains a cherished artifact of television history—a testament to the creativity and imagination that brought "The Munsters" and its quirky cast of characters to life. Its legacy continues to thrill and delight fans, ensuring that its place in the annals of iconic TV vehicles remains secure for generations to come.

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