Cruella deVille 1931 Bugatti Concept Art by Fireball Tim

The real story of the CRUELLA deVILLE 1931 Bugatti REVEALED!

In the dark and gloomy heart of London, amidst the bustling streets and elegant facades, the name CRUELLA deVILLE struck fear into the hearts of all who knew it. Her presence was as dark and foreboding as the shadows she cast, her desires as twisted as the curls in her black, white and red hair.

But beyond her malicious schemes to procure Dalmatian puppies for her ghastly fur coats... lay another obsession—a fascination with luxury and extravagance. And it was in the depths of this obsession that her path crossed with a unique legendary Bugatti Classic Car. The 1931 BUGATTI TYPE 41 Royale Weinburger Cabriolet. (In the film... the 1974 Panther De Ville coupe) And today... it's Fireball's SKETCH!

Legend had it that the Bugatti was once owned by a notorious aristocrat who shared Cruella's penchant for the macabre. The car had a dark history, rumored to have been used in smuggling operations and clandestine dealings. Its sleek lines and roaring engine were as captivating as they were ominous, a perfect match for Cruella's own sinister allure.

Driven by her insatiable desire for power and prestige, Cruella set her sights on acquiring the Bugatti. She spared no expense, employing every nefarious tactic at her disposal to manipulate and coerce until, finally, the car was hers.

But the Bugatti was more than just a symbol of wealth and status—it was a reflection of Cruella's innermost desires. Its sleek exterior masked a darker truth, just as Cruella's glamorous facade concealed her twisted motives. And just as the Bugatti's engine roared to life with a deafening howl, so too did Cruella's ambition to fulfill her wicked plans.

With the Bugatti by her side, Cruella embarked on her quest to steal Dalmatian puppies, her obsession fueled by the power and thrill of the chase. The car became an extension of her own malevolence, a symbol of her relentless pursuit of perfection, no matter the cost.

But as Cruella sped through the streets, her laughter echoing in the night, there were whispers of a darker force at play—a force that transcended even her own twisted desires. The car was ALIVE... And had it's OWN PLANS for her. But that... is another story.

Cruella deVille 1931 Bugatti Concept Art by Fireball Tim

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