Knight Rider Custom Car Art

VERY FIRST KNIGHT RIDER Sketch is Custom Car Art History…

In the original Knight Rider series, KITT was a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am and built by Customizer Michael Scheffe. The convertible and super-pursuit KITTs were built by George Barris. But the FIRST SKETCH… was from Pontiac Chief Designer, John Schinella. He did this on a napkin in a Coffee Shop.

But Scheffe’s re-design embodied the essence of the ’80s, blending aerodynamic curves with bold lines and distinctive features such as the iconic front scanner and interior craziness. The sleek black finish, adorned with red accents, exuded an aura of sophistication and power, perfectly complementing the car’s high-tech capabilities.

What truly set KITT apart, however, were its advanced onboard computer systems, granting it artificial intelligence and the ability to communicate with its driver, Michael Knight, (The Hoff.) With voice-controlled functions, self-driving capabilities, and an array of gadgets ranging from turbo boosters to infrared sensors, KITT became a symbol of automotive innovation and adventure.

Decades later, the design of the original Knight Rider car continues to inspire automotive custom car art, earning its place as a legendary icon in pop culture history. Its timeless appeal and futuristic allure serve as a testament to Scheffe’s visionary craftsmanship and the enduring fascination with the intersection of technology and automotive design.

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Knight Rider Custom Car Art
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