In the vast expanse of science fiction, few subgenres evoke as much fascination these nostalgic days as retro sci-fi…. And it’s today’s SKETCH.

Rooted in the visions of the past like the new TV Show FALLOUT, these portrayals of the future offer a unique blend of nostalgia, optimism, and sometimes, a touch of dystopian uncertainty. Among the classics that originally defined this genre stands one of our favorites, the iconic British sci-fi TV show UFO which not only captivated audiences with its futuristic aesthetics but also ignited imaginations with its alternate future possibilities. Thus, today’s CUSTOM CAR ART!

Set in the then-future of 1980 (produced in the late 1960s), UFO envisioned a world where Earth faced mysterious alien threats and an organization called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization) was humanity’s last line of defense. Led by the enigmatic Commander Ed Straker, portrayed by actor Ed Bishop. SHADO employed advanced technology, sleek spacecraft, and futuristic gadgets to combat extraterrestrial incursions. And it was WAY COOL growing up as a kid.

One of the notable elements of “UFO” was its meticulous attention to visual detail, showcasing a retro-futuristic aesthetic that blended 1960s design sensibilities (which made sense at the time) with imaginative extrapolations of future technology. From the streamlined interiors of Moonbase to the sleek spacecraft like the Interceptors and the iconic Skydiver submarine, the show’s visual style became emblematic of an era’s aspirations for the future.

However, among all the futuristic marvels featured in “UFO,” one element that often stands out is the car driven by Commander Straker himself. A futuristic vehicle that perfectly encapsulated the show’s retro-futuristic charm, Straker’s car epitomized the blend of style and innovation that defined the alternate future envisioned by UFO.

In the world of “UFO,” technology had advanced to the point where conventional automobiles were replaced by sleek, aerodynamic pre-CYBERTRUCK vehicles that glided effortlessly along futuristic highways. Straker’s car, with its sleek lines, gull-wing doors, and advanced propulsion system, served as a symbol of status and sophistication, reflecting the utopian vision of a society where technology had solved many of humanity’s everyday challenges.

Yet, beyond its aesthetic appeal, Straker’s car hinted at deeper themes of the show… As a high-ranking official in SHADO, Straker represented the human face of authority in a world that was under constant threat. LOVED IT!! His car, therefore, became more than just a mode of transportation; it was a symbol of power, responsibility, and the burden of defending humanity against the unknown.

Moreover, Straker’s car symbolized the show’s exploration of the tension between progress and security, individuality and conformity. In a future where humanity faced existential threats from beyond the stars, the sleek facade of progress often masked a world fraught with paranoia, secrecy, and sacrifice.

While UFO may be a product of its time, its legacy endures as a testament to the enduring appeal of retro sci-fi and its exploration of alternate future possibilities. In revisiting the show and reflecting on iconic elements like Straker’s car, we not only celebrate the imagination and creativity of the past but also ponder the timeless questions it raised about the trajectory of human civilization and our place in the cosmos.

In essence, UFO and its cool retro-futuristic vision serve as a reminder that the future is not predetermined but shaped by the choices we make in the present. As we continue to navigate the complexities of our own rapidly evolving world, perhaps we can find inspiration in the alternate futures imagined by shows like UFO and strive to create a tomorrow that embodies the best of our collective aspirations and ambitions. And this is one of very few shows that Fireball Pop didn’t write for…

UFO Custom Car Art


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